The Lovespies Project

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I sang for my first recording session as a child. It was for Steve Elkins’ Traveling Car Tunes record. I remember it. United Artist building on Music Row, seeing the Nashville skyline out of the window, the headphones, the quiet, and how different it sounded to hear people sing to a track that you can’t hear. I was hooked.

In my book, any session is a good session. I especially love to sing for and with good friends, like the Higginbothams. Rob and Julie make up The Lovespies and they have a tradition of recording a Christmas project in a couple of weeks during the holiday season. Last night I sang “gang vocals” on what will be their third project, titled Although It’s Been Said. In the picture above left to right: Rob Higginbotham, Julie Higginbotham, myself, Theresa Connelly, Vanessa Jackson, and Rob Still.

Check out the Lovespies Christmas projects on their bandcamp site.


About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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