Thankful Thursday

IMG 1059Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Middle Tennessee and this year is no exception. On the home front, my wife and I are adjusting to new realities and trying to establish a new rhythm as she picks up extra shifts at the hospital while I’m learning how to homeschool (and learning even more about how amazing she is). My gratitude list for the week:

  • Lunches with meaningful people
  • Yellows and golds and Tennessee autumns
  • Smart kids to help me with (their) school
  • A listening ear
  • The right to vote and a country that allows expression of differing political opinion



About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. dianehurst1 says:

    It’s great when kids can have their parents (mom or/and dad) teaching them at home! I know it isn’t easy; sometimes it does feel like a juggling act. 🙂

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