What About the Choir?

Palestrina Boys Choir. Photo credit Vimeo.com

The poor church choir. For many, it symbolizes a stuck-in-a-rut, irrelevant, and out of date model of Sunday morning worship. Still for others, choir is a weekly event and is an integral part of the largest productions of the church year. I sang in choirs for a good decade and enjoyed them immensely, especially during my collegiate years.

Our church rarely uses a choir and to be honest, I don’t miss it. However, it is interesting that their seems to be such a rising interest in singing in our culture (insert your choice of reality TV competition here) and I came across an interesting article from The Independent the other day on the rise of children’s choirs.

It’s a myth that choral singing is something that only older or middle-aged people do. – Robin Osterley, head of Making Music

Over to you: What’s your opinion of the church choir? If you’re a worship leader, how do you use a choir? And what about children’s choirs?


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2 Responses to What About the Choir?

  1. dianehurst1 says:

    I think choral singing is great! My mother-in-law has been in a local community choir for years– they sing everything from Bach to Broadway, and have excellent productions. The church I go to has a traditional church choir, but their music is definitely not mundane. The director likes to mix things up, and has had many unique and interesting pieces– once there was an African song, complete with hand drums, often there are pretty complicated 4-part pieces, and last weeks’ song was so rhythmical and fun that everyone spontaneously burst into applause (usually there is not applause).

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