Thankful Thursday

To all my readers in the South, I hope that you and yours are OK after a couple of days of horrific thunderstorms / tornadoes / flooding. The sun is shining now and feels fantastic. My gratitude list for the week.

Happy Girl

  • Music-making opportunities. For pay. A little bit. Eventually.
  • A face-to-face interview, 6 months in the making.
  • “No.” Because, at least you know, you know?
  • Moving and beautiful Good Friday and Holy Saturday services and the chance to sing with good friends
  • Andrew Loyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu.” I cried in the grocery store just thinking about how beautiful this is. Who does that??
  • Easter Sunday sunshine and drum choir
  • The way my life changed 13 years ago when I first became “Daddy” to my beautiful Happy Girl. (Happy Birthday, Sweetie!).
  • Completion of a half-marathon training schedule! Here’s to a great run this Saturday!

About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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