Tin Pan South Starts Tonight!

The annual songwriter’s festival known as Tin Pan South kicks off tonight. The name comes from a play on “Tin Pan Alley,” which was a collective of music publishers and songwriters concentrated in an area of New York City in the late 19th and early 20th century (see, now you know).

What Tin Pan South means to Nashville is Writer’s nights across 9 venues throughout the week. We have a saying here in Nashville, “it all begins with a song.” Sure enough, the entire music industry hinges on the creation of 3-minute vignettes and a humble pen. The songwriter is the first to create (and creates out of midair I would add) and the last to get paid (and is getting paid less and less if current forecasts prove true). But at Tin Pan South, they’re the heroes and the stars.

Songwriters are my favorite creative community to be with. If you’re in Nashville, come on out and you’ll see what I mean. Hear the hits from the creators and you’ll never listen to them the same way again.

I’ll be there all week representing my book and business Diamond on the 1. I’m not an official sponsor (yet), but I hope to network with as many people as I can. If you’re real interested in following the ins and outs, I’ll be blogging about the festival from the Diamond on the 1 blog throughout the week.


About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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