Sunday Setlist for January 9, 2011

(This blog post is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival). This morning Nashville wakes up to a beautiful blanket of white.  The snowfall started in the middle of the night last night.  Fortunately, I was able to make it to the church service in McMinnville and get back home before it started.  The theme for the worship songs yesterday was praising God in spite of trying circumstances.

  • A Greater Song (Paul Baloche) — instrumental prelude except the “Hallelujah, we want to lift You higher” ending.  Focus on the thought that this year we want to glorify Him more.
  • Better Is One Day (Matt Redman) — His glory is better than any other pursuit / goal / resolution we may have.
  • Desert Song (Brooke Fraser) — We will pursue Him and praise Him “in every season.”
  • Your Word (How Firm) — This is a new chorus and arrangement of “How Firm a Foundation” I wrote with Rob Still and Tim Henning.  In the midst of uncertain times, the word of the Lord is our unchanging, sure bedrock.
  • He Knows My Name (Tommy Walker) — God, worthy of praise and who offers us His timeless word, knows and loves us personally and intimately.

Talking shop for a moment, I stumbled on a good way to transition from Better is One Day to Desert Song.  I did Better is One Day in E and Desert Song in D.  I ended the chorus of Better is One Day on Bsus (“thousands elsewhere”) rather than repeating “thousands elsewhere” and going to E.  This allowed me to resolve the Bsus to Bmin and then play Bmin > A > G, which is the intro progression for Desert Song in D.  It’s always more difficult to transition to a song in a lower key, but this worked nicely and kept the set from being in the same key the whole time.


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