Thankful Thursday

Photo by Anne Voskamp and Used with permission.

Another week of self-discipline and motivation; coffees and conversations.  We’re learning about the faithfulness of God and trying to honor Him in the midst of trying times.  I remain hopeful and thankful.  My list for this week:




  • Lessons learned only in needy places
  • A warm community of generous friends
  • Upcoming interviews and talks that could lead to more
  • Decisions made — even those made by others and even when the answer is “no”
  • Finale Songwriter and an opportunity to create music
  • Peace which “passes understanding”
  • Grace for difficult conversations
  • Surprising joy at a local seminar
  • Connecting with an old friend who really listens
  • Last-minute doctor visits and prescription refills before our high-deductible plan kicks in
  • An opportunity to encourage another
  • A mid-week sabbath with the family

Grace and peace to you and yours.  We are in His hand.


About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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