A New Website

One of the differences between this job search and all of my previous ones is the importance having an “online presence.”  There’s always been LinkedIn for professional networking, but I hear regularly that HR recruiters also rummage through Facebook and Twitter to find out more about their job applicants.  My advice is that unless you’re confident that you’re going to retire from your current place of employment, go ahead and build your online presence.  Don’t wait.

The real issue is how to go about it exactly.  If you’re like me you have different groups of folks that relate to different aspects of what you do.  I have my church friends, my business school friends, my musician friends, … you get the idea.  Most of these friends only see a small part of who I am and what I can do.  I suspect your life is the same.

So I found a great site called Flavors.me that acts as a social media aggregator that keeps up with my LinkedIn, Tweets, Flickr, and even this blog.  I decided to use it to make thejonathanriggs.com that I’ll use to market myself in my job search.  The best part of it, I hope, is that it lets those of you who know a part of me have a more holistic understanding of who I am.  Check it out, let me know what you think, and then build your own narcissistic shrine.


About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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2 Responses to A New Website

  1. Peter Bales says:

    I just read a great book from Joe Sweeny called “Networking is a Contact Sport” that talks about some non-traditional ways of job searching. He’s got some inspiring ideas about how your network can be a hugely valuable asset when you’re looking for a job, wanting to grow a business or just have more friends. Just thought I’d share…

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