He Has Made Me Glad — a Sunday setlist for 11/14/2010

(This post is part of the Sunday setlist blog carnival).  I rise at 5:00 in the morning in order to lead worship for Christ Community in McMinnville, TN.  After a shower, a quick breakfast, and kissing my wife goodbye, I head to a nearby gazebo in a park to gently wake up my mind, voice, and spirit.  The cell phone rings at 6:30.  My electric guitar player is sick and won’t be making it.  That cool arrangement I had worked out with him?  The smooth way he was going to handle my transition from acoustic guitar to piano?  Forget about it.

At 7:15 I meet my drummer in a McDonald’s parking lot and we begin our hour and a half commute east of town on I-24.  We rehearse our small ensemble for the day and work out the kinks for using a drum loop (my first time).  I learn that the stage keyboard is in the shop and that I’m set up to play where the keyboard usually is.  If I want to use a keyboard, there is another one on the floor, slightly off stage.  No problem.  We figure it out.

The worship time itself went well enough, save for a flying pick.  My transition from guitar to keyboard (the one my guitar player was going to help with) was made in total silence and, because the keyboard was off stage, caused some confusion as the speaker thought I was through and it was time for communion.  No worries.  My last congregational song led from piano became an instrumental support to his communion meditation.

Flexibility is key to worship leading.  That and extra guitar picks.

The Set

  • Blessed Be Your Name (Redman/Redman)
  • My Savior My God (Shust/Greenwell)
  • Everlasting Arms (Hoffman/Showalter/Riggs)
  • Be Glorified (Jonathan Riggs)
  • Made Me Glad (Miriam Webster)

About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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2 Responses to He Has Made Me Glad — a Sunday setlist for 11/14/2010

  1. terry timm says:

    indeed you are a creative problem solver, Jonathan! thanks for faithfully and diligently doing your best to create a worshipful space for the people of God.

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