I Know That My Redeemer Lives — the songwriter’s notebook

OK, so my writing has been a bit sporadic as of late.  But I’ve been thinking about Mark Heard and I remember a recording he made of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.”  This is an old hymn text (1775 according to the Lutheran hymnal).  I’m not sure if Mark wrote the melody or not.  I can’t find his recording anywhere on iTunes or the rest of the Internet.  If any of you still have his High Noon CD, I’d love for you to tell me what the liner notes say.

At any rate, I wrote a chorus (“alleluia, amen”) to go between the verses.  I like to play it with a drop D 6th string and playing the open 5th and 6th string throughout.  It gives it a droning quality that underscores the confidence of the lyric.  (Admittedly, it’s difficult to hear this nuance on this video).  As always, your feedback is welcome!

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About Jonathan Riggs

Singer, actor, songwriter, and entrepreneur. And I like vanilla bean.
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3 Responses to I Know That My Redeemer Lives — the songwriter’s notebook

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  2. kim garreffa says:

    The tune is they hymn tune called Duke Street. Mark didn’t write it, but I sure loved his recording of it. Thanks for posting, bro!

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