Monday Missions Update: 80%

Dear Missions Supporter:  You guys rock.  Our financial support continues to come in and I continue to be moved by your big hearts and generosity.  We’re on the home stretch now:  80% and counting.  Thank you.

Question:  What happens if you raise more money than you need? This is the way it works for all checks made out to Belmont Church.  Initial funds go toward ground fees for Lulu and me.  Ground fees are for our lodging and meals during our preparations through the end of the festival. A portion of ground fees collected also helps to subsidize those coming to the festival from poorer nations, particularly in Eastern Europe.  Our ground fees are $2000 for both of us.  After our ground fees are covered, any overage is applied to the ground fees of anyone else from the Nashville team who has not received enough support to cover their ground fees.

Once all of the Nashville Team’s ground fees are covered, any remaining amount Lulu and I raise can be used for up to 90% of our airfare.  The church has a policy that each mission trip participant personally contribute at least 10% of the expense.  Any overage we raise after that will go to the general operations fund of the Sozo Festival and our faith promise missionary Randall Morgan.

Of course, these guidelines only apply to checks made out to Belmont Church.  Some have given checks made out to me personally (thanks, Granny!).  If any of these funds are left over, I’ll use them for miscellaneous expenses such as any sightseeing, meals outside the dates of the festival, or a nice bouquet of flowers for my wife while we’re away.

If you would like to help us, you can either make a donation or sign up for the Riggs Recycling Service.

Read more about the Sozo mission trip.


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