Monday Missions Update: 42%

Sozo 2002 Baja, Hungary.
The doo-rag was cool in 2002!  I hope.
Wow!  Thanks to all of you who are generously supporting my daughter Lulu* and me in our endeavor to serve at the Sozo Festival in England this summer.  As of today, we are 42% funded (see the pretty picture in the right sidebar). I purchased the airfare, which is the biggest single expense for the trip.  It seems the Iceland volcano and the oil spill in the gulf is keeping airfare high for the summer, especially to Europe.  The tickets ended up being about $200 more expensive than was originally estimated.  The total amount we need has increased to $5200.  Our next payment is due May 18th for half of our ground fees for the Sozo Festival.  Ground fees are for our lodging and meals during our preparations through the end of the festival.  A portion of ground fees collected also helps to subsidize those coming to the festival from poorer nations, particularly in Eastern Europe.

I know that many of you reading this have been impacted by the recent floods in Middle Tennessee.  I don’t know anyone here who hasn’t either been directly affected or knows someone who has been.  I’ve wrestled with raising funds during this time and have written about it in an earlier post.  I encourage you to love your neighbor, consider making a donation to the flood relief efforts, and/or buying one of these cool T-shirts (I have mine!).  In the end, I find your generosity to us in the midst of hardship in our own community all the more inspiring.  And it makes me proud to be a Nashvillian.

God bless you as you walk in obedience to Him.

If you would like to help us, you can either make a donation or sign up for the Riggs Recycling ServiceRead more posts about the Sozo mission trip.

*I’ve decided to protect my daughter’s real name for security purposes.  And Lulu’s nice, don’t you think?


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