What Do We Sing Now?

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

No doubt that you, like me, have been saddened and disturbed by the Haitian earthquake and its victims.  I’ve been thinking for a while about what (if anything) I should post about it here.  There are, after all, better and more informed bloggers regarding the nation and the rescue efforts.

But this is the discussion I’ll start here.  How do we, as worship leaders, respond to such human tragedy?  What songs do we sing now?  How do we help our own congregations grieve, intercede, and inspire them to righteous action?  May I suggest this blog post from Arizona worship leader Kyle Campos and the following songs available from LifeWayWorship.com (just click the titles):

  • Lord, Have Mercy. Admittedly, the American church worship vocabulary is grossly deficient in biblical laments, but here’s one.  The chorus alone is strong enough.
  • God of This City. This is a prophetic declaration and an act of intercession.  “You’re the Lord of this nation.”
  • Whole World in His Hands. Reminder of the sovereignty of God even “when all around is fading and nothing seems to last.”

Question:  What songs are you singing that speak to this tragedy?


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