The Sloppy, Wet Kisses of Heaven

John Mark McMillan posted a recent entry to his blog concerning his song, “How He Loves.”  With the right audience, this is a really powerful song regarding the passionate love of God.  But, some people get hung up on the second verse, specifically the phrase “sloppy wet kiss” in the line “So Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss.”  To be honest, I’ve only heard about people not liking this, but haven’t spoken to anyone who really feels this way.  But, apparently, some find it too graphic and/or sensual.  They say it’s distracting to their worship.

I’m including a video of Kim Walker singing this.  This is the way I learned the song after we sang it at church.  The song will likely become even more popular now that the David Crowder Band recorded it for the new CD Church Music.  Crowder changed the lyric to “unforeseen kiss,” which is admittedly less jarring. I fault neither Crowder for changing the lyric nor McMillan for allowing him to do so.  After all, the song is not really about sloppy, wet kisses and the metaphor is not essential to the message of the lyric.  Crowder’s lyric will, in the end, be the one the song will be known by.

But personally, I like the original lyric and I’m glad Kim Walker recorded it.  It speaks of both the passion of God and the mess of humanity.  It’s both divine and gritty, much like the Incarnation itself.  And if it makes people stop and think about what they’re singing in church, so much the better.

Are you singing this song?  What lyric will you use?


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2 Responses to The Sloppy, Wet Kisses of Heaven

  1. Steve Rupp says:

    Jonathan, thanks for this post. I have played this song, and have also had several discussions with folks regarding the lyric. I’ve done it both ways, but in all truth I prefer the modified lyric to the original line. For me, it is not too “sensual” or anything like that, I just find it rather odd and it does not seem to perfectly fit the song. I guess you could put me down in the “it’s distracting” column. If I had to analyze why I find it odd, it has more to do with “sloppy wet kisses” being something I would characterize as coming from a golden retriever or something, although there’s something to be said about that as well I suppose; most people would say their family dog is/was one of the most forgiving, non-judgmental, unconditionally loving creatures they ever came into contact with!

  2. I am the worship pastor for a new church plant in Austin, and I began doing this song from the very beginning. It was our first communion song. We used the Crowder lyric because there were some in our new congregation (and on the worship team) who took issue with the “sloppy wet kiss” lyric. Admittedly, I prefer Crowder’s lyric (“unforeseen”) for congregational singing, but I understand what McMillan ment when he wrote the song. It is a great song, with a great message of God’s love for us. I’m glad we found a way to use it.

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